Double Commander

Double Commander is a free dual-pane file commander for Windows and Linux in the style of the Windows exclusive shareware Total Commander. Unlike normal file explorers, you take control of your files almost only with your keyboard. This allows for a very quick handling of common file tasks.


Because Double Commander is not included in the official repository of Solus, we are going to build it from its source files. While this might be an inconvenience, this method gives you the newest version.


First of all we are going to download the source. You can probably do this with an svn client, but you can also just download a snapshot directly from this page. Extract the contents in (for example) a folder called doublecmd in your home directory.


Next, we are going to install some packages, which we need for building.

sudo eopkg install libgtk-2-devel binutils fpc gdb lazarus

Because Lazarus IDE needs some additional fpc sources, which are not provided in the package, we simply follow this guide here. When the guide wants you to start lazarus, but you cannot find it in the start menu, open it with the command startlazarus.
Next, enter your doublecmd folder (where you extracted your source content):

cd doublecmd

And start the compilation process by entering

lcl=gtk2 ./ beta

Wait. It will probably show you a few warnings but it hopefully completes the compilation.
Finally, we install the software with

sudo ./install/linux/

Double Commander can now be executed from the start menu or alternatively with the command doublecmd.
If you are like me and want to basically use it only as a root file explorer, you can modify the start menu shortcut:

sudo gedit /usr/share/applications/doublecmd.desktop

Now edit two of its lines to the following:


Exec=sudo doublecmd %F